Big Shot: Exclusive Clip From Episode 5 Features Heated Argument Between John Stamos and Jessalyn Gilsig

Disney+ may not have any new Marvel content until Loki premieres in June, but the streaming service is still dropping new episodes of other shows each week, including Big Shot. The series follows John Stamos as a big-time college basketball coach named Marvyn Korn who is forced into coaching at an elite private high school after getting fired. In the series, Jessalyn Gilsig plays Korn's assistant coach, Holly, and the two don't always see eye to eye. In fact, an exclusive clip from the upcoming episode shows them butting heads over the team.

After some of the girls are caught cheating, Holly and Korn disagree on the form of punishment. Stamos' character isn't happy that the students will have to miss some practices, but it's clear Holly did what she thought was right. You can take a look at the clip in the video below:

Recently, spoke with Gilsig, and we pointed out how the show has similar themes to another show she was on, Glee, except with basketball instead of singing. Gilsig went on to share how it's been a similar experience.

"Yeah, that's such a good point. This is my third show set in a high school, 'cause I also did Boston Public many years ago," Gilsig replied. "So yes, the environment is very familiar to me, and then I think you're right that the parallel with Glee is really working with the young actors, and really the show being about them and their futures, and their potentials and their aspirations, and so, yeah, I do see a lot of parallels. I do think that Coach Holly likes the kids more than Terry did."

We also spoke with some of the show's young stars, who talked about working with Stamos. Tiana Le, who plays Destiny, bonds with Korn at the beginning of the series, but not before Korn makes some upsetting remarks about her weight in the pilot. We asked Le what it was like developing their relationship and working with Stamos.


"Well, I mean John's such a goober, he's such a great guy. And I think that definitely in that scene, it was kind of one of those moments where it was the pilot, so the only real experience with that fun side of him that we had was when he literally stole a golf cart after the first table read, and we like ran around, well not ran, we drove around a lot, like all five of us on this one little tiny thing. And so kind of only seeing that side, and doing that scene with him was, it was super interesting because we went into it," Le shared.

The fifth episode of Big Shot will be released on Disney+ on Friday, May 14th.