Big Shot’s Young Stars Share What It Was Like Working With John Stamos

Disney+'s newest show, Big Shot, premieres tomorrow and follows John Stamos as a big-time college basketball coach named Marvyn Korn who is forced into coaching a girl's high school team after getting fired. Recently, had the chance to chat with some of the show's cast, who talked about the show's importance and their hopes for how it will impact audiences. We spoke to some of the show's young cast and asked what it was like working with Stamos. Sophia Mitri Schloss plays Korn's daughter, Emma, so we asked if she prepared by watching some old episodes of Full House.

"I went back and watched some Full House and it's so fun to see him, like his whole evolution through his career, because he's done so much and he's so experienced. So it was amazing to be a scene partner with him," Schloss shared.

We also spoke with Tiana Le, who plays Destiny in the series. Destiny lost her father and the show's early episodes see her character starting to bond with Korn in a special way, but not before Korn makes some upsetting remarks about her weight in the pilot. We asked Le what it was like developing their relationship and working with Stamos.

"Well, I mean John's such a goober, he's such a great guy. And I think that definitely in that scene, it was kind of one of those moments where it was the pilot, so the only real experience with that fun side of him that we had was when he literally stole a golf cart after the first table read, and we like ran around, well not ran, we drove around a lot, like all five of us on this one little tiny thing. And so kind of only seeing that side, and doing that scene with him was, it was super interesting because we went into it," Le shared.

"I kinda had to take him there by just going super hard with the tears and the being like, 'You hurt me!'. And I think in the end, we came out with a really interesting result. And just working with him, and growing that relationship with him. It's how it actually is. I mean, he's so endearing, and he's so welcoming, just being on set with him every day. So it wasn't hard to kind of play that storyline with him," Le added.


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Big Shot premieres on Disney+ on April 16th.