Black Hammer Creator Confirms TV Show Is Still in Development

(Photo: Legendary / Dark Horse Comics)

Jeff Lemire's one of the busiest people working in comics. In addition to a handful of various projects with DC Comics, the writer is behind the ever-expanding Black Hammer universe from Dark Horse Comics. Then, on top of that all, he's adapting the story for live-action, with hopes of Legendary Television finding a home for it at a network or streaming platform. According to Lemire himself, development on the series actively continues as executives are reportedly happy with the project so far.

"The development and script is going really well with Legendary," Lemire says in a recent interview with Forbes. "They have been incredibly supportive of my vision and I'm very pleased with the pilot script."

The creator had previously said on Twitter he thinks Hellboy alum Ron Perlman would be the picture-perfect casting for Black Hammer stalwart Abe Slam, a topic he double-downed on adding, "I do think Ron [Perlman] would be an ace Abe Slam, but there are so many great actors out there [that] I really have a hard time pinpointing any one for these characters. I'm going to worry about writing and building the world, I leave that up to the casting directors!

Black Hammer co-creator Dean Ormston is on the same page as Lemire, telling Forbes Perlman is an ideal choice for Slam. The artist then adds X-Men standout Famke Janssen would make an ideal Madame Dragonfly. "Just the other day, Fiona and myself were sitting down watching a BBC drama called The Capture when Famke Janssen appeared on screen," Ormston says. "We both said, "It's Madame Dragonfly," and there she is standing next to Ron Perlman, who is sporting a large Abe-style mustache!"

When we spoke with Lemire this summer, the writer hoped the property could end up as a shared universe between film and television should the stars align. "Legendary has optioned the entire universe, not just the one story," Lemire told us. "It's a very ambitious adaptation and I'm currently working on the first piece of that, writing the screenplay for the first project within what we hope could be a shared universe for film and television."


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