'Black Lightning' Showrunner Wants Other Superheroes To Make Appearances

Black Lightning showrunner Salim Akil is campaigning for the 'Lightningverse,' expressing a desire [...]

Black Lightning showrunner Salim Akil is campaigning for the "Lightningverse," expressing a desire for other superheroes to make their way into the recently launched CW series.

"Yeah, let's hope so," Akil told Yahoo when asked if Black Lightning could pave the way for other heroes making their way into its universe. "We want to entertain."

"I know this show is topical and it has some political merit to it, but we also want to entertain and make people laugh and get them excited about the fight sequences, and the characters that are coming in, as well as the villains that are coming in," Akil said.

"We hope it will be a well-rounded experience so yes, we'd love to see other superheroes come through."

Black Lighting exists outside of The CW's Arrowverse — DC's shared TV universe occupied by Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow — a conscious move made by Akil, who wanted the tonally different series to stand on its own.

Asked to name any superheroes in particular he'd like to see make their way to the series, Akil named fan-favorite Virgil Hawkins, better known as Static.

"Static could be interesting," Akil said, reiterating his desire to somehow utilize the character.

"I love the idea of Static Shock, and in success, hopefully, we'll be able to pull other characters in in that way," he said in June. "So I'm holding out hope because I love that character."

Much like Black Lightning lead Jefferson Pierce, Static has the ability to wield and discharge fantastical electric powers — but Black Lightning's co-creator Tony Isabella argued against bringing the two heroes together.

"I confess I'm getting a wee bit annoyed by fan calls for Static to appear on this show," 66-year-old Isabella wrote on his blog.

"Now I love Static and the Static Shock cartoon series, but, were it my call (and it isn't), you would NEVER see Static in this series. Black Lightning doesn't need Static. Static doesn't need Black Lightning. They are great characters who can stand on their own."

Jayden Smith, son of Suicide Squad star Will Smith, has long been attached to portray the super-charged teen in a live-action web-series produced by Warner Bros.

Black Lightning airs Tuesdays at 9/8c after The Flash on The CW.