'Black Mirror': Did You Catch These Surprise Celebrity Cameos in "USS Callister"?

The newest installment of Black Mirror debuted over the weekend, giving fans even more technological horror, unique storytelling, and celebrity appearances. And for some eagle-eyed viewers, there were quite a few of the latter in the season's premiere episode, "USS Callister".

Twitter users have started to uncover a few big celebrity cameos hidden within the episode, including a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance from Kirsten Dunst. You can check out a gif of her cameo below.

The episode's second cameo is a little more obvious, although it doesn't exactly translate into gif form. Breaking Bad and Bojack Horseman star Aaron Paul makes an appearance in the episode, voicing the character Gamer691. Paul's character can be heard harassing the AI crew of the Callister, after they escape into an open internet.

Considering the cast of "USS Callister", it isn't too hard to see how Dunst and Paul got involved. Dunst is engaged to fellow actor and former Fargo co-star Jesse Plemons, who stars in the episode as Robert Daly. Plemons also had a role on Breaking Bad, making his link to Paul pretty straightforward.


While Black Mirror's fourth season has earned quite a bit of attention - and critical acclaim - "USS Callister" is being seen as a bit of a standout. The episode was initially billed as a Star Trek parody, but those who have seen the outing know that it eventually becomes something else altogether.

Season four of Black Mirror is currently streaming on Netflix.