Bojack Horseman Final Season Trailer Released

The final season of Bojack Horseman has been announced, but Netflix has also given fans the gift of the very first trailer for Bojack's final run. The new trailer shows Bojack in rehab trying to get himself together, while Carolyn is trying to adjust to life as a mommy. Diane claims to be doing great in her new venture (that's doubtful), while Mr. Peanutbutter tries to put on the brave face of not being depressed since his divorce from Diane. Meanwhile, Todd is just trying to hang on - though some family drama may throw a wrench in that. It's a great change of life premise to set up this final season, as Bojack Horeseman's characters try to become their best selves.

Watch the trailer for Bojack Horseman's sixth and final season, above!

The BoJack Horseman Twitter account, which acts as a voice for the titular character, shared a goodbye note with the fans after the trailer had been posted:

"if you asked me 6 yrs ago how i thought id be rmembered id have probably said that horse from horsin around but we are season 6 on netflix the 2 part final season before i hit the dusty trail aka runyon dont make plans oct 25 or jan 31 bc youre watching me and feeling feels."

Bojack Horseman stars Will Arnett as the titular character; Amy Sedaris as Carolyn; Alison Brie as Diane; Pul f. Tompkins as Mr. Peanutbutter; and Araon Paul as Todd.


Bojack Horseman returns for part I of its final season on October 25th. Part II will arrive on January 31st.