Chappelle's Show Episode Missing From Netflix and HBO Max Due to Ron Jeremy Cameo

To the delight of many comedy fans, HBO Max and Netflix announced last week that the hit sketch comedy series Chappelle's Show would be available on both services. Launching October 30 on HBO Max and then November 1 on Netflix, the series came with all three of the "lost episodes" in addition to the first two seasons of the series. Now however it's been confirmed that one episode of the show never made it onto either platform. In a report on The Daily Beast we've learned that the sixth episode of season two can't be found on either, and it's all to do with a cameo by former Adult Film star Ron Jeremy.

Jeremy at one point held the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Appearances in Adult Films" and was a cultural icon and celebrity for many decades. In recent years however he's been alleged to have committed multiple sex crimes. In August, Newsweek reported that in addition to being charged with raping three women Jeremy was facing 20 new allegations including allegedly sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. Should be convicted on these charges he could be facing a maximum prison sentence of over 250 years.

For those that don't recall the sketch in which Jeremy appears, it sees comedian Dave Chappelle ponder what the internet would be like if it was a real place that you could go and visit physically. "If the internet was a real place, it would be disgusting and intolerable," he says ahead of the sketch's premiere on the series. In the sketch we see persons and storefronts representing pop up ads, legal music download websites, piracy sites, and dating chat rooms. Later Chappelle runs into Jeremy who offers to show him various pornographic images and videos.

Other sketches that appeared in the episode "A Moment in the Life of Lil Jon" and "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong," plus musical performance by Anthony Hamilton.


According to The Daily Beast's report, the episode was removed earlier this summer across Comedy Central's online platforms and CBS All Access with parent company ViacomCBS making both HBO Max and Netflix aware before a deal was struck that this particular episode would not be available as part of the agreement.

Chappelle's Show has been off the air for many years now but the comedian can be seen on television again this Saturday as he hosts the post-election episode of Saturday Night Live.