Charlie Cox Reveals Kevin Feige's Original Plan for Daredevil's Marvel Return

Charlie Cox is officially back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, donning the Daredevil suit once more in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. So far the character has appeared in a single scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home and appeared in two She-Hulk episodes as a supporting character. Before long at all, the actor will return as the Man Without Fear in Daredevil: Born Again, a massive 18-episode Disney+ series that's set to begin filming early next year.

Though the character is now getting another Marvel series, that wasn't always the plan. As Cox himself recalls, Marvel executives had only planned on having the character in No Way Home and She-Hulk to start. "I got a call very out of the blue and unexpected from Kevin Feige in June of 2020. I didn't have a previous relationship with Kevin because when we were doing the show before, that was over at Marvel Television, not Marvel Studios, so although I'd met him on one occasion, I really didn't know him at all," the actor said in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Feige then asked Cox whether or not he'd be interested in reprising his role as Matt Murdock, a secret he'd have to sit on for half a year before filming again. "He called me up during the pandemic and said that they'd like to bring my character back and would I be interested in playing him," Cox added. "I didn't take too long to think about that. And he said at the time that they wanted to put me in Spider-Man and in She-Hulk. But that was all they knew for now, that there would probably be something coming up after that, but they didn't know what it was."

When did Charlie Cox find out about Daredevil: Born Again?

As it turns out, Cox wasn't even sure his character would be getting his own series. It wasn't until he finished filming the two aforementioned projects before Marvel executives told him about his own series.

"I had to wait six months before we even got to shoot Spider-Man, and then we shot She-Hulk shortly after that," Cox continued. "t wasn't until the end of last year or the beginning of this year even that I heard from Kevin and a couple of other guys at Marvel that they had another project in the works and that they would be letting me know what that was and when it would take place in the future, and so a couple of months ago I found out about the Daredevil: Born Again show, which is very exciting."

Daredevil: Born Again is expected to drop Spring 2024. The first three seasons of Daredevil and The Defenders limited series can now be seen on Disney+.

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