Cobra Kai Season 3 Easter Eggs Revealed by Netflix

The roots of The Karate Kid run deep in Cobra Kai, as the popular sequel series continually finds [...]

The roots of The Karate Kid run deep in Cobra Kai, as the popular sequel series continually finds ways to tie its story back to that of the original films. It's easy to see how Miyagi influences the series, or how the return of villains like John Kreese keep the saga moving. However, the connections to the Karate Kid films are actually more abundant than many realize. This show, specifically in its third season, is absolutely packed with Karate Kid references and Easter eggs.

Just about every episode of Cobra Kai Season 3 has some kind of connection to Karate Kid, and it would be difficult for even the most dedicated fans of the franchise to spot them all. Fortunately, Netflix is bearing some of the burden and helping folks find all of the little nods throughout the new episodes. On Wednesday, Netflix released a video that highlights 23 Easter eggs from Cobra Kai Season 3, and you can check it out in the video at the top of the page.

Some of the connections between The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai are easy to spot, like how the putt-putt golf course and arcade where Johnny and Ali reconnect is the same place where Ali went on her first date with Daniel. Other connections are much more subtle, and the video breaks those down as well.

One of the best Easter eggs in all of Cobra Kai Season 3 arrives at the end of the season, where Johnny arrives at the country club to meet Ali for a big dinner party. Johnny, wearing a white suit jacket, almost collides with a waiter carrying a plate of spaghetti with red sauce. He narrowly avoids the collision and tells the waiter off, which in and of itself is a callback to The Karate Kid. When Daniel went to the country club to find Ali, he sees her dancing with Johnny and backs up into a waiter in the kitchen, causing spaghetti sauce to be spilled all over his white suit.

The more you pay attention to Cobra Kai, the more Karate Kid connections you'll find. There may be even more than the 23 pointed out in Netflix's video.

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