Creepshow: Shudder Already Developing Season 3

Season Two of Shudder's Creepshow might have had to delay its production due to the coronavirus [...]

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Season Two of Shudder's Creepshow might have had to delay its production due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the streaming service confirmed that it has ordered scripts for Season Three of the series, which bodes well for the program's future. Developed by The Walking Dead producer Greg Nicotero, the first season debuted last fall and was quickly renewed for another season. The sophomore season was on track to debut this fall, though delayed productions could pose problems with that release schedule. Surely an order for Season Three scripts is promising, but it's important to note that this doesn't mean a renewal is guaranteed.

"Creepshow continues to be near and dear to my heart and having the opportunity to continue the legacy by developing Season Three gives me the chance to work with some of the best storytellers and artists in the business," Nicotero shared in a statement. "The stories we have in the pipeline for Season Two are even more outrageous, more fun, and capture the spirit of what George Romero and Stephen King started in the '80s."

Shudder GM Craig Engler added, "Although Season Two is on pause while we wait until it's safe to go into production, we wanted to use the time to start work on Season Three scripts to let Greg Nicotero and his amazing team get as far ahead as possible."

The series is a tribute to the 1982 horror movie of the same name, which was directed by Romero and written by King. The project was meant to embrace the spirit of EC horror comics the pair grew up reading, with each tale in the anthology offering audiences frights, laughs, and a morality tale. The film earned two sequels while Romero also developed the anthology TV series Tales from the Darkside, which went on to inspire a film of the same name.

Earlier this month, Nicotero teased the current status of Season Two.

"We have 90% of the scripts written, and the scripts are absolutely fantastic," Nicotero explained to Bloody Disgusting's The Boo Crew. "I'm so proud of them and so excited. I feel like going into season two, learning what I've learned, I had a lot more fun developing the stories. I've written a couple of the scripts myself. And I just finished a script that's based on a Joe Hill story."

He added, "One of the scripts that was written by a friend named Frank Dietz is called 'Pesticide.' And it's about this exterminator who does some unsavory things and he is in essence haunted by some of these creatures that he has killed. So that's where the giant spider comes from. There's an author named Joe Konrath who I really like; we have John Esposito coming back; we have David Schow coming back; there's a woman I worked with on The Walking Dead named Melanie Dale, she wrote a script; there's also a writer/director named Mattie Do, her and her husband Chris Larsen wrote a really cool script for us. Paul Dini and Stephen Langford, who wrote 'Skincrawlers' last year, wrote a script for us. The scripts are really fun. I can always tell if a script is successful if I want to direct. So I'm directing three of them."

Stay tuned for details on Creepshow.

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