Danica Patrick's ESPY Opening Draws Jeers From Viewers

Danica Patrick hosted the ESPYS on Wednesday night, but her hosting abilities received a bit of flack online.

The former NASCAR driver opened the ceremony with an opening monologue that touched on numerous sporting subjects, including Lebron James' move to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Washington Capitals' Stanley Cup win and the U.S. soccer's team lack of a World Cup appearance.

She even took some self-deprecating jokes about her NASCAR record, but still could not win over the crowd in attendance or viewers at home.

Waves of users took to Twitter to criticize the appearance as unfunny and boring.

"Did ESPN forget to tell Danica Patrick that the ESPYS host is supposed to be funny?" one user wrote.

Another user added, "Danica Patrick is the worst host of the Espys. Ever. Too painful to watch.

Many attributed the flop to the jokes Patrick was given, but other thought Patrick's stage presence made the humor fall flat.

"Danica Patrick looks really uncomfortable saying some of these jokes," one user wrote, while another added, "None of these jokes sticking, sis."

Other attributed Patrick's flop to a simple lack of comedic timing on her part, in what was her highest profile hosting gig to date.

"Danica Patrick's comedic timing is just....off," one viewer wrote. "This is coming from an unfunny person, so take it with a grain of salt."

"Danica Patrick has the comedic flow of a dish rag," another wrote.

However, things did fare a bit better for Patrick as the night progressed.

She starred in parody of the film I, Tonya entitled "Me, Danica." It saw her playing a version of herself modeled after Tonya Harding with boyfriend/NFL player Aaron Rodgers playing a fictional version of himself modeled after Harding's ex husband, Jeff Gillooly.

It was a well-put together piece with lots of laughs that won many viewers over.

"Props ESPN, Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers for 'Me, Danica' on ESPYS tonight...funny stuff!" one user wrote.


"The 'Me, Danica' sketch was actually pretty funny," another viewer added.

Patrick's full opening monologue can be seen here.