Daredevil's Kingpin Car Door Scene Reassured Star of Show's "Horrific" Tone

The introduction of Marvel's Daredevil was massive for a number of reasons. First, it showed just how serious Netflix was about bringing original content to the streamer, still very much in its infancy at the time. Then, the series featured a remarkably sharp turn in tone from what fans had previously seen from Marvel's offerings on the silver screen. Instead of light-hearted action romps, Daredevil ended up as a grounded affair, featuring a dark and gritty Hell's Kitchen and broody Man Without Fear.

In fact, the tone of the show was a major driving force in bringing Vincent D'Onofrio to the series. Initially hesitant about what a Daredevil property could look like, the star tells us any worry he had was quelled the second he found out his character, the fearsome Kingpin, was to decapitate a competitor with a car door.

"My first reaction was, okay, this is the show I thought it was gonna be," the Daredevil star tells us. "We really are gonna go for it. And I checked with everybody to make sure that I wasn't gonna show up and then they were gonna like soften it up. And everybody's like, 'Hell no, this is it. We're going all the way.'"

To the actor's relief, the tone matched what he aimed to achieve was his fan-favorite villain and the car door scene was integral, the actor says, in helping turn his Wilson Fisk into the feared Kingpin.

"hat made me feel really confident 'cause that kind of matched my approach to the character in a kind of real kind of emotional way," he adds. "That scene to me, even though it's this horrific event and I wouldn't wish it on anybody, it matches the horror inside Fisk, his emotional life, so it was well suited for this character. I thought it was amazing and well-acted by everybody in the scene and the stunts guys are amazing. I mean, I reacted that my reaction was, Oh, this is good. This is what really what I thought that it was gonna be, it made me maybe happy actually."

In case you haven't seen it, D'Onofrio's character finds himself at odds with Russian mobster Anatoly Ranskahov after the latter embarrassed the criminal mastermind on a date. Unfortunately enough for Ranskahov, Fisk knows no boundaries and before long, off his head went in one of the most gruesome moments ever released by Marvel.

All three seasons of Daredevil are now streaming on Netflix.