DC's Legends of Tomorrow: I Am Legends Recap With Spoilers

Beginning where the last episode left off (at Constantine's house, with the whole team temporarily immortal and the whole place made up for the sorority party), they discover that Astra has abandoned them there and taken the Fates to the Waverider. Gary is there, too, having left early because he didn't feel well. On board, the Fates shut Gideon down, leaving Gary and his rabbit alive in Ray's old lab. When the team on the ground calls Gideon, they discover that Gideon is offline -- and when Ava touches Sara's hand, she gets a vision that she won't tell he team about -- or maybe doesn't get one at all...?

Ava decides to go looking for a Time Bureau safe house that Rip Hunter set up elsewhere in London. Unfortunately, first they have to get on a bus to the city -- and they have no money for the fare. The bus driver refuses to let them on, but Mick tosses him out the door and drives away with it.

On the Waverider, Astra agrees to work with the Fates on the condition that prunes cease to exist, dogs stay puppies forever, and her mother comes back from the dead.

On the bus, Sara puts Ava in charge of the mission.

Back on the Waverider, Gary sees Atropos using a piece of the Loom to track the Legends, so that she can try to kill them while Astra and her sister confer about Astra's demands.

On the bus, Zari starts arguing with Constantine while he lights a cigarette. Someone staggers out in front of the bus and Mick hits them, but his horror at killing them is mitigated moments later, when they realize the victim is a zombie. Moments later, the streets behind them start to fill with zombies, who all run at them.

While the team battles with zombies, everyone realizes that they can't be killed by them (except of course for Zari, who didn't partake of the wine of Dionysus). They take out a small group of zombies by hand and then set out to get the bus up and running again.

On the Waverider, Gary is trying to fix Gideon, but electrocutes himself instead. Gideon appears in the flesh to him, and he is struck by how human she looks. She advises him to steal the Loom pieces and hide them from the Fates.

Back in England, Zari asks John if he knows anybody local who owns a car. The pair walk off to find some help.

On the Waverider, Lachesis shows Astra a vision of the future, where she sits by her mother's bedside while she dies. She tells her that there's no point in bringing her mother back only to make her human and lose her again.

As they walk to John's friend's place, Zari and John argue over the idea that it's possible Behrad is doomed in every timeline. Zari gets upset and leaves him behind.

On the Waverider, Gideon hops across the bridge like a bunny, distracting Atropos long enough for Gary to sneak into the time lab and steal the Loom fragments and run off.

On the bus, Ava tells Sara that she regrets letting John and Zari go. Sara says not to sweat a plan that falls apart, and that it's often good for the Legends. Outside, the bus is surrounded by a group of heavily-armed soldiers. When they try to tell the soldiers they aren't infected by the zombie virus in spite of the blood on their clothes, one of the soldiers shoots Ava in the head. When she survives it, he assumes the zombies have developed sentience and super-powers, and orders his men to round up the Legends.

Back on the Waverider, Atropos calls Lachesis to inform her that the rings are gone. Seeing evidence of Gary's rabbit, Astra realizes he is on the ship.

Back in London, John and Zari are about to steal a car when they find themselves beset by zombies. As Zari isn't immortal, they hide themselves away inside of a building and lock the zombies out. Even inside, though, Zari finds herself stalked by a zombie as she looks for car keys. Luckily she can use her wind powers to kill it -- much to her own disgust.

She tells John to take the van, find the team, and get them to London. John argues that instead, he can cast a spell that will make her briefly die, so the zombies aren't interested in her.

On the armored personnel carrier where the rest of the team have been captured, Mick remembers that he has been captured by one before, and that they have a weak spot not eh door. Detecting it, he has Nate steel up and slam through the door. Their immortality saves them, but they can't hitchhike the remaining 80 miles to London because the resultant injuries make them stumble around like zombies.

In the garage, John casts his spell on Zari and, when her heart has stopped, sneaks her out to take her to the waiting truck. The zombies take no notice of them, but he still has to move kind of slow to make that work.

Once inside the truck, John casts another spell to wake Zari up but it doesn't work right away. He ends up having to perform CPR to wake her up, which works, and the two share a half a moment before driving away.

On the Waverider, the Fates find Gary, who hasn't been working with Gideon at all but rather with his rabbit. He refuses to give the Fates, doing a parlor trick to hide them from sight.

Just outside of the Quarantine Zone outside of London, John and Zari pick up the team. They enter a bar, where apparently Rip and Ava had set up the safe house, but nobody is there. The cash register scans Ava's eyes and they find a time courier, but it won't turn on.

At the bar, John has quit smoking again, but Zari now doesn't have any hope left. The two argue over which of them is more self-absorbed. Of course, this devolves into them making out.

On the Waverider, Astra is preparing to start Gary's torture. He tries to tell her that she isn't really this kind of person, and at first she isn't having it. She reveals that she no longer wants to save her mother now that Lachesis has shown her the vision of her mom's death. Gary points out that there were a lot of good moments before she died, which Lachesis wouldn't have shown, and that she should focus on the good memories she has of her childhood before her mom vanished.

The Legends all talk about what they would use the Loom of Fate for but, to Charlie's surprise, almost everyone says they wouldn't change anything about their lives that they would change besides saving Astra's mom and Behrad. They all share a toast, seemingly resigned to their immortality having been wasted, and Sara steps away from the table. Ava follows her, asking what Sara didn't tell her. Sara tells her that she had a vision that the time courier isn't going to charge in time, and she's going to be killed by zombies here in the bar.

Ava asks her what happens if they don't succeed, and Sara says only that she has faith in them. As zombies begin to build up outside the bar, the team catches up to the script. As their immortality timer runs out, the doors start to rock with zombie rage.

Astra is ready to deal with Gary, but Atropos throws a knife into her and tells Gary to give her the rings or die.


At the bar, the zombie start breaking in through the doors and windows. Sara volunteers to hold them off while the rest of the team figures out an exit strategy. As things start to look hopeless, though, the Time Courier finally activates. Ava refuses to leave a dying Sara behind and sends Charlie to deal with her sisters while the team fights off the zombies.

Charlie arrives on the Waverider and frees Gary, who tells her what happened while she was gone. He gives her the rings to reconstitute the Loom, and immediately gets stabbed to death by Atropos, joining Astra on the ground. She tells her sisters that she's done running, and it's time to get to work.

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