Blood Free Is the Meaty Drama You Should Be Watching

Disney+'s Blood Free has a meaty mystery this week.

Disney+ recently just brought over a ton of Hulu content to their app and one new release is worth putting on your watchlist if you're a fan of thrillers or Korean Dramas. Blood Free stars Ju Ji-hoon, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Hee-joon, Lee Moo-saeng and Park Ji-yeon in a twisty mystery about synthetic meat. BF is a company dedicated to delivering the public "cruelty-free" meat. They grow the product in labs without killing animals and tout their progress in corporate releases. Han Hyo-joo is their haughty CEO who leads BF into the future.

However, one day a concurrence of events push her into a chance encounter with Ju Ji-hoon' Chae-woon Woo. The former bodyguard becomes wrapped up in a matter of blackmail, corporate espionage and possible sabotage going on in BF. With Chae-woon Woo's help, Ja-yu is looking to restore her company's good fortunes. But, with so many forces praying on her downfall, she doesn't know who to trust. The first two episodes of Blood Free are out right now and the entire tone of the series breeds paranoia. Is the bodyguard a threat as well? Could someone out there be pulling the strings? It's too early to tell at the moment. But, that's half of the fun. Check out the trailer for Blood Free right here.

What Is Blood Free About?

(Photo: Disney+)

Here's how Hulu describes Blood Free: "Jayu is BF's CEO. She continues to expand her business despite the death threats. As the threats continue, BF hires Chaewoon, a former commissioned officer, to protect her. Oddly enough, Chaewoon easily resolves the problems Jayu faces. Secrets and suspicions soon begin to grow in BF."

Disney+ Very Excited About Blood Free


With viewers all over the world getting a taste of shows like Squid Game and Kingdom, Disney+ is bringing out an entire slate of K-dramas for 2024. Light Shop, Uncle Samsik and more join Blood Free on the streamer to round out this year. The Tyrant might interest fans of the Resident Evil franchise. There are also crime dramas like Gangnam B-Side which are poised to give viewers some Seoul underworld intrigue. Check out what else the company had to say about the slate down below!

"The new Korean originals announced today really builds on the positive momentum and success of our APAC content slate last year," said Carol Choi, Executive Vice President of Disney's original content strategy for the APAC region. "We will continue to scale our creative ambition with a curated collection of APAC originals, centered on quality storytelling and top talent, in collaboration with the region's  most exciting storytellers."

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