Disney+ Reportedly Adding One Million Subscribers Per Day

The launch of Disney+ earlier this month was plagued by issues and bugs, but that didn't stop [...]

The launch of Disney+ earlier this month was plagued by issues and bugs, but that didn't stop people from signing up as soon as possible. The new streaming service saw 10 million subscribers within its first 24 hours of existence, quickly proving itself to be the biggest competition on the market for Netflix. What's maybe even more impressive is that the subscriber count continues to grow, even two weeks after its initial launch day.

According to the research firm Apptopia (published by The New York Post), the Disney+ mobile app has been downloaded 15.5 million times, and nearly one million new subscribers are being added each and every day. These numbers don't even include the folks signing up for the service on their web browsers, so those numbers are likely even higher.

Disney+ was bound to be a success when it arrived, given the incredibly affordable price tag of just $6.99 per month and its stellar library of popular titles. The service is home to Marvel Studios, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, and The Simpsons, making it a must-have for users of all different ages and interests.

"This shows the company is gonna be a legit competitor to the likes of Netflix, despite the skeptics that continue to doubt the House of Mouse," Wedbush analyst Dan Ives told The New York Post. "The pricing, the content and the bundling was just a pure genius strategy from [Bob] Iger and Disney."

Part of the appeal of Disney+ is the ability to bundle it with Disney's other streaming services, Hulu and ESPN+. For $12.99 each month, the same price as the most common Netflix option, users can gain access to all three services. The availability of this bundle has seen Hulu app downloads increase by about 55%, while ESPN downloads have jumped 50%.

"I think everyone's best bet is to bundle streaming services for the consumer so they don't have to bundle it themselves," said Joanna Piacenza, senior data editor at Morning Consult.

Apptopia's research also suggests that Disney+ has experienced 25.6 million daily viewing sessions over the past week and made $5 million through in-app purchases over the course of 13 days.

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