Donald Faison Wants To Play a Green Lantern

In the years since he broke big with movies like Clueless and Remember the Titans, Donald Faison has been no stranger to geek fare. Besides his time in the Star Wars universe, Faison has played parts in comic book movies like Kick-Ass 2 and Josie and the Pussycats -- but he still has interest in being a traditional Big Two-style superhero. During a new episode of his Scrubs rewatch podcast Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Faison and his co-host Zach Braff joked with guest Tom Cavanagh about calling Greg Berlanti to ask for a part in the Arrowverse. Likely to Cavanagh's surprise, when he told Faison that he should figure out what part he actually wants, the actor had a ready answer.

Faison, who has previously said that he enjoys the Arrowverse shows but really only watched The Flash regularly, is at least keyed in enough to know that David Ramsey found a Green Lantern ring in the Arrow series finale. Faison says that he, too, would love to be a part of the Corps.

"You guys kind of opened it up when Arrow ended, and I'm not sure if you guys are allowed to touch it," Faison told Cavanagh. "You kind of touch on it in Stargirl, but I think Green Lantern needs to be in [the Arrowverse]. There's so many that are in the Lantern Corps, and also size doesn't matter when you're a Lantern; you can be tiny, you can be wide. I think that's one character that would be a lot of fun to play. There's so many people in the DC Universe, but if I had a choice and they were willing to do it, I'd love to be Green Lantern."

Berlanti, who along with his Arrow co-creator Marc Guggenheim was one of the credited writers on the poorly-received Green Lantern movie, is working with fan-favorite Green Lantern comics writer Geoff Johns to develop the property for HBO Max as a TV series. As Faison alluded two, the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, is a character who is referenced as part of the classic Justice Society lineup in Stargirl, a series produced by Berlanti and Johns, and based on comics that Johns wrote with artist Lee Moder.


There are a number of Earthbound Green Lanterns in the comics, including two major ones who are Black men (John Stewart and Simon Baz). As Faison alluded, build and background and age are hardly relevant to potential Green Lanterns, since the ring is where their power comes from.

Green Lantern is expected to go into production in early 2021. Fake Doctors, Real Friends airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays on iHeartRadio.

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