Gizmoduck Cosplay Goes Viral

Generations of fans have fallen in love with the characters from Ducktales, thanks to both the original series and its currently-running reboot on Disney XD. The new iteration of the series has had an incredibly reverential approach to DuckTales lore, adapting characters for a whole new era -- including Fenton Crackshell/Gizmoduck, the mild-mannered accountant who becomes a robotic superhero. While Gizmoduck's mechanics arguably defy the actual laws of physics, a new fan-made cosplay brings him to life in a pretty superb way. A new video shared by YouTuber Alien Rides, which you can check out above, showcases the cosplay. The end result is genuinely epic to watch, especially as Gizmoduck is able to wheel around with the help of an electric unicycle.

A few still photos of the costume have also made their way online, which you can check out below.

Gizmoduck is just one of several legacy characters who have made their way onto the Ducktales revival, which has gone out of its way to pay tribute to the world of '90s Disney animation.

"We're such big fans," DuckTales showrunner Matt Youngberg told earlier this year. "We wanted to make sure what we were doing was something that would relate to the fans, but it was also imperative, and a difficult challenge to be able to say "We don't want to alienate the original fans, but we also want to embrace new fans." We want to have it be a starting point, where people who haven't heard of Ducktales or don't know it very well, or haven't even thought about Ducktales. How can they get involved, and feel the love that we feel? To know that the fans are embracing it, the fans old and new, it's wonderful. It feels like the payoff that we were looking for."


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