It's Morgan Versus Victor in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Key Art

It's a Morgan Jones versus Victor Strand showdown in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7. After Morgan (Lennie James) and Strand (Colman Domingo) failed to prevent Teddy (John Glover) from firing submarine-launched missiles that turned Texas into ground zero of the nuclear zombie apocalypse to end Season 6, it's cunning conman Strand rising from the ashes to rebuild the world. "She won't have anything to do with me after this," hisses Strand in the Season 7 trailer of Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey), who Teddy locked away in a basement bunker to rebuild amid the rubble and fulfill his prophecy: "The end is the beginning."

"Teddy brought about his vision of 'The End' when he detonated nuclear warheads across the Texas landscape, but it will be up to those who survived to decide what 'The Beginning' will look like. And they'll have to do it in a world devoid of light and hope, where the outside air is just as deadly as the walkers they face," reads the official season synopsis revealed by AMC Networks. "The survivors will find out who they really are and what they're really made of. Some will rise to the occasion, some will find new purpose, and some will redefine themselves -- even if it comes at a terrible cost to those they once considered family." 

Season 7 key art also revealed Thursday shows Strand and Morgan butting heads in the bomb-blasted ruins of Texas, where Morgan and Grace (Karen David) hole up in the hull of the USS Pennsylvania to survive the fallout of Season 6. 

(Photo: AMC Studios)

"Everyone tried it your way, and look what happened. Face the truth, Morgan. You failed. And now, it's my turn," Strand asserts in the Season 7 trailer. "I'm going to do what you couldn't. I'm going to rebuild the world. I'm going to help everyone that you let down, all while you watch from the outside."

Morgan wants Strand to rebuild the world and help people, warning him, "If I hear that is not what you're doing, if I hear that you've hurt anybody that I care about, I swear to God... I will come for you, Victor. And I will do to you what you tried to do me on that submarine. Only I won't miss."

Strand throws Morgan to the walkers in the penultimate episode of Season 6, only for Morgan to survive Strand's attempted sacrifice outside of the room where Teddy and Riley (Nick Stahl) launch a missile loaded with ten warheads. In Season 7, Strand has a new look — and a new outlook — when he becomes the "ultimate version" of himself

"This new version of Strand that we're seeing, that he's on a precipice of at the end of Season 6, is someone who is going to double down with his own ideology," Domingo said previously on Talking Dead. "There was a reason why he sent Alicia away from him [in Season 6]. He said, 'I want to remember the best parts of me.' I just don't know, to be honest, as we go into Season 7, will he want to see that part, knowing that he's got to be this other person? I think that's going to be a conflict because as we know, they're close as can be, they're like family."

"But I think that he possibly needs to suppress certain things in his heart and in his mind in order to be this other, fully-realized version of Victor Strand," continued Domingo. "I think that's going to be a part of the complication going into Season 7 with this new version." 

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