Alicia Clark vs. Victor Strand Civil War Brews on Fear the Walking Dead

Can a Tower divided against itself still stand? The first half of Fear the Walking Dead's Season 7 ends with Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) declaring war against former friend Victor Strand (Colman Domingo), targeting The Tower spared from the fallout of the nuclear-zombie apocalypse. Inside the tower defended by Strand's army of the living and the dead: the survivors Morgan Jones (Lennie James) failed to save. "You have taken so much from me. And now I'm gonna take something from you," Alicia tells Strand after finding out he threw Will (Gus Halper) from his tower's roof to hurt her. "I am taking that tower." 

The battle lines drawn, Alicia and Strand are going to war

"We're definitely going to be delivering on Alicia's final words of Season 7. The question that's at play right now is exactly what that war looks like, and exactly what side everyone falls on," says showrunner Andrew Chambliss in a special look at Fear Season 7B. Adds showrunner Ian Goldberg, "It's a civil war, of sorts." 

The half-season ends with Strand holding Morgan's loved ones hostage — Grace (Karen David) and their adopted daughter, Baby Mo — with Wendell (Daryl Mitchell), June (Jenna Elfman), and John Dorie Sr. (Keith Carradine) trapped inside The Tower guarded by Strand's walker moat. Alicia's already recruited "Dark Horses" Dwight (Austin Amelio) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista), friends of Tower escapee Mickey (Aisha Tyler). 

Elsewhere, Luciana (Danay Garcia), Daniel (Ruben Blades), and Sarah (Mo Collins) are among the survivors hunkering down for now inside the USS Pennsylvania, the beached submarine where supplies are dwindling in the aftermath of the warheads detonated some months ago. 

"There's so many possibilities of the way things can go. You can either heal and get closer," says Domingo of Strand's seven-season friendship with Alicia, "or you can tear each other apart. It's gonna be fun, it's gonna be weird, it's gonna be epic." 

The besties battle still ahead in the second half of Season 7 is "intense," says Debnam-Carey. "It's gonna be really cool. There are so many great set pieces and new elements. It's kind of a new world. There's a lot to look forward to."  

Teases James: "Strap in because it's gonna be a hell of a ride. But this time, you might actually have to strap in." 

When Fear returns April 17 on AMC, it's with a familiar face who might get caught in-between a warring Alicia and Strand: Madison Clark (Kim Dickens). The former series star is confirmed to appear in the second half of the season before returning as a series regular in Season 8

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