First 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Trailer Takes on 'Die Hard'

There are few things on Earth that are as pure and relatable as Jake Peralta’s love for Die [...]

There are few things on Earth that are as pure and relatable as Jake Peralta's love for Die Hard, the greatest action film ever made. Peralta, played by Andy Samberg on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is finally back in action with a new trailer for the upcoming sixth season.

The epic trailer features Terry (Terry Crews), Amy (Melissa Fumero), and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) stuck on the roof of a skyscraper with Peralta, who is donning John McClane's classic Die Hard ensemble.

Peralta gives the other three rope so they can propel down, but he has other plans for himself: "slo-mo" leaping off the building and onto a helicopter. As he dives off, a fiery explosion erupts behind him, and the onlookers below admire the sight of Peralta gliding through the air.

"His muscles are bigger than mine," Terry gawks.

"He's braver than me in every way," Rosa proclaims.

"Jake is the finest cop in the city, nay, the world," Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) announces.

After a moment of intense suspense, we see Peralta hanging off the helicopter. "Suck it, gravity," he says.

Of course, the ridiculousness of this is even too ridiculous for the realities of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the scene cuts to our favorite precinct as Jake reveals this is his idea for the Nine-Nine's recruitment video.

Not only has this video done its job perfectly by getting us jazzed for season six, but it gives us a real hankering for Die Hard.

As if this wasn't enough, NBC has graced us with an alternate ending. In the second version, after Captain Holt rejects Peralta's BRILLIANT video idea, Jake says, "Let me guess. You want it to be a boring, motionless screen with a bunch of information being read in a monotone voice."

Then, of course, it cuts to Holt reading some very important information in a monotone voice.

(Photo: NBC)


Thanks for the info, Captain, we'll be there.

The trailer also features Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker), and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller). The only downfall of the promo is that it doesn't feature Gina (Chelsea Peretti). While we will be graced with the character in season six, she is no longer a series regular and will be making an official exit. We're all pretty sad about it, but we also respect Peretti's life chocies. Besides, losing one beloved cast member pales in comparison to how close we almost came to losing them all.

Fans of the show, which was cancelled by Fox and then immediately picked up by NBC earlier this year, are loving the new trailer (and NBC's dedication).

If you're itching for more Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Die Hard-related content, we recommend treating yourself to "Yippie Kayak," the 10th episode of the the show's third season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine premieres on January 10, 2019 on NBC at 9/8c. Now go watch Die Hard!