Funko Launches Betty Boop Angel and Devil Pop Figures


The iconic cartoon character Betty Boop got her first Funko Pop release back in June, and you can grab it here with free shipping. An exclusive black and white chase version is also coming back for a second round with shipping slated for March (pre-orders are live here). If you want to complete the collection, you'll need to grab the angel and devil Betty Boop Pop figures that Funko just announced.

The Betty Boop Angel Pop figure is available to pre-order here. The Betty Boop Devil Pop figure is available to pre-order here. Both figures are slated to ship in March. At the time of writing, both Betty Boop Pop figures were among the hottest sellers at Entertainment Earth, so we highly suggest jumping on them quickly. We should also point out that the angel version was one spot ahead of the devil version, which is pretty surprising. Will Bad Betty or Good Betty win in the end? It's up to you.


On a related note, Funko released their Colonel Sanders KFC Pop figure yesterday and it promptly sold out on Amazon. However, you can still reserve one at Entertainment Earth at the time of writing. If you want the Funko Shop exclusive version with a cane, you'll need to grab it on eBay.

The release of the KFC Colonel Sanders Pop figure is such a momentous event that Funko CEO Andrew Perlumtter made an official comment about it:

"It's great to offer fans a beloved figurine that has captured the heartsand stomachs ofconsumers across the world," said Andrew Perlmutter, Funko president. "Colonel Sanders' name and image have been synonymous with the fried chicken restaurant since its inception and we are excited to honor his influence on pop culture."


Finally, Funko had one of it's biggest product release days ever this week thanks to London Toy Fair 2019. If you missed it, all of the releases are listed with pre-order links right here. However, you might want to jump on the most popular items first in case they sell out or go on backorder. These items include:

Funko's Batman 80th Anniversary Collection
Funko's Disney The Little Mermaid Collection (With 10-inch Ursula)
'Lord of the Rings' Witch-King With Fellbeast Funko Pop Rides Figure
Game of Thrones Iron Throne Pop Figures
Funko's New Dragon Ball Z Pop Figures

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