Futurama Star John DiMaggio Wants Another Reunion

Futurama went off the air in 2013. Since then, there have been a couple of non-televised Futurama [...]

Futurama went off the air in 2013. Since then, there have been a couple of non-televised Futurama events involving the original cast, including the release of the Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow mobile game and the "Radiorama" podcast episode in support of its release. Is that it for Futurama, or could we see the cast reunite again for another podcast release, a script readthrough, or another event? ComicBook.com spoke to John DiMaggio, Bender's unmistakable voice, about his new Audible Original Vroom, Vroom. In addition to also talking about Disenchantment, we asked him about the potential for another Futurama cast reunion.

"I don't know," DiMaggio says. "I mean, listen, if you build it, they'll come. That's all I'm saying about that. I don't know. I wish we could do another podcast sort of thing that we did with Chris Hardwick for the video game app, which was a lot of fun, which was great. My man Maurice LaMarche was fantastic, he was great. He did some really fun work as the Borax Kid doing all of the radio ads, all of this stuff, 'Hello there. It's Borax Kid. Let me tell you about so and so, and blah, blah, blah.' And coming back to this, this is what this is all about. These stories are great, and they're fun to listen to, and people love to be told a story, and that's what's great about Audible and about this project, Vroom, Vroom."

DiMaggio wants another audio episode of Futurama and seems pretty fond of what Audible is doing with their original shows. Perhaps someone needs to nudge Audible to look into acquiring the Futurama rights and getting the cast back together for an audio revival.

Futurama was created by Matt Groening and originally aired on Fox from 1999-2003. After finding new popularity in syndication on Adult Swim, Futurama returned in 2007 as four direct-to-DVD movies that were cut into 30-minute episodes to air on Comedy Central. The films were successful enough for Comedy Central to order new seasons of the series, which began airing in June 2010. The show's finale aired in 2013.

Futurama won six Emmy Awards, including two for Outstanding Animated Program, as well as seven Annie Awards, two Environmental Media Awards and two Writers Guild of America Awards.

Do you hope to see another Futurama revival? Let us know in the comments, and check back tomorrow for our full interview with John DiMaggio.