Game of Thrones Characters Ranked by Screen Time

The series finale of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday, and whether you loved or hated it, you've probably spent much of your week talking about it. The ending must have been on the minds of the folks at Type A Media, because they have since complied a chart of all of the series' character's screen time. The video has since been shared to the r/GameofThrones subreddit, and while some of the results are pretty obvious (yes, Tyrion Lannister talks the most), others are quite surprising (Catelyn Stark made it to the top 20 despite not being in the final five seasons).

[Spoilers]. Game Of Thrones characters ranked by screentime. Tyrion and Jon are the clear winners here. ( Source-Type A Media Youtube) from r/gameofthrones

"Game Of Thrones characters ranked by screentime. Tyrion and Jon are the clear winners here. (Source-Type A Media Youtube)," u/SS2602 posted.

As you can see, Tyrion wins with 697 minutes of screen time with Jon Snow coming in second with 651 minutes. Daenerys Targaryen is third with 524 minutes, Cersei Lannister takes the fourth spot with 425 minutes, and Sansa Stark comes in at number five with 418 minutes. The remaining top 20: Arya Stark (393 minutes), Jaimie Lannister (392 minutes), Jorah Mormont (328 minutes), Davos Seaworth (296 minutes), Lord Varys (267 minutes), Samwell Tarly (264 minutes), Theon Greyjoy (261 minutes), Sandor Clegane/The Hound (231 minutes), Brienne of Tarth (228 minutes), Missandei (228 minutes), Bran Stark (224 minutes), Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger (214 minutes), Tormund Giantsbane (192 minutes), Grey Worm (179 minutes), and Catelyn Stark (155 minutes).

Interestingly, during the chart's progression, Ned Stark managed to hold the top spot until the 20th episode. This is impressive considering he died in the show's ninth episode. You can learn more about how Type A Media made the chart here.

Many fans commented on the Reddit post, some with questions and others with observations.

"Why didn't it add time to Ned in Season 6?," u/StuartRomano114 wondered.

"Im guessing they have listed the character as young Eddard or something," u/Panixs guessed.

"I was surprised at how long my man Rodrik Cassel stayed on the list," u/OrangeBox47 wrote.


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