Game of Thrones: Jaime Lannister Appears to Get His Right Hand Back in Latest HBO Error

After last Sunday night's exciting episode, Game of Thrones dominated conversation on social media for all the wrong reasons. During a a scene early in the episode, a modern coffee cup was left on a table in front of Daenerys, causing everyone to joke for days about the Mother of Dragons' Starbucks order. Star Emilia Clarke even got trolled for the mishap while attending the Houston Rockets basketball game on Friday night. Well, it looks as though HBO has another big editing mistake on its hands, no pun intended.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Continue reading at your own risk...

After the latest episode aired on TV, HBO sent out official photos from "The Bells," releasing the HD images online. One of these images came from the pivotal scene in which Jaime and Cersei reunited for the first time this season. As Jaime and Cersei embrace one another, you can see Jaime's right hand behind his sister/lover's back. And that's the problem.

As every Game of Thrones fan will remember, Jaime lost his right hand several seasons ago, and has worn a gold prosthetic hand in its place ever since. Throughout the episode, the gold hand can be seen attached to Jaime. However, in this photo, his real hand appears, having somehow miraculously grown back.

jaime missing hand return game of thrones
(Photo: HBO)

After the photo error started circulating online, HBO seems to have taken the image down, as it can no longer be found on the network's press site.

Luckily for HBO, this error was limited to an easily fixed photo, unlike the coffee cup mistake during last week's episode. This problem was able to be fixed in a very short time, though not before the people of Twitter got their hands on it.

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