Other Game of Thrones Spinoffs Are Looking "Really Good" According to HBO

WarnerMedia's brass thinks the Game of Thrones spinoffs are looking really good. During a conversation with Deadline this week, HBO Max Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys says that there was "nothing really to report there" before mentioning the stuff that was in the pipe line is "looking really good." It's a definite priority for the streamer and company at large to maximize the success of big franchises like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. While the murmurs around the later getting some spinoffs have been bubbling, there's actually House of Dragons to look forward to with Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin's massive world continues to sprawl out and there should be another update on that effort coming soon. After the end of the HBO series, fans have been wondering when a return to Westeros was coming. Might be closer than they thought if you believe the CCO.

"It's just like any development process. Some are looking really good. Some we'll see. We're not going to make everything," he explained. "I don't have any mandate that I must make a certain amount of spin offs or prequels or anything like that. We're really doing it just based on what we're excited about creatively. I wouldn't even give you a tease… [that] we might see something this year because I really don't know, it depends on how the development comes in."

Company CEO John Stankey talked to Cheddar News about HBO Max's strategy headed into last year. Everything has been building on this blueprint.

"Well, I think momentum is going to continue because we have a great slate of original programming," he detailed. "As we always do with HBO and HBO Max. So, whether it was about kicking off the momentum in Q4 2020 with The Flight Attendant or The Undoing. We;re keeping that going with such series as The Mayor of East Town and The Nevers. We have a great slate of original programming coming. With, certainly, the Sex and the City reboot and Mindy Kaling's Sex, Lies, and College as an example."

"We also have the Warner Bros. day/day premieres," Stankey continued. "Everybody knows those well. Whether it was Godzilla vs. Kong lighting up the box office and driving the momentum for HBO Max. We have many more of those films left to come throughout the duration of the year. So, we're quite excited about what's yet to come."

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