Gentleman Jack Could Find New Home After HBO Cancellation

Gentleman Jack could be finding a new home, following the series' recent cancellation by HBO. The fan-favorite series, which is a co-production between HBO and the BBC, was announced to be cancelled after two seasons earlier this month. The news left fans wondering what might have been in store if the series had continued on — and according to new comments from series creator Sally Wainwright, that could still end up happening. In a recent interview with, Wainwright revealed that she is "gutted" by the cancellation, and that the BBC is interested in still continuing the series, if they can find a new partner or streaming home.

"Well, I think we all are [gutted]," Wainwright explained. "It's been a bit of a surprise really because it's been doing really well, certainly in this country. We were ready to go again, the BBC certainly [is] up for going again. I think if HBO had been up for it, there'd have been no question. It's been a very successful show in all areas for them – it's had fantastic reviews, it's had a very respectable audience and on top of that it's had an impact on the community of gay women. We have the most extraordinary fanbase, they organise all sorts of events."

As Wainwright revealed, she would ideally not want Gentleman Jack to continue as a solely BBC production, largely for the sake of the show's production value.

"I think [it] wouldn't want to continue with it without it having the same production values," Wainwright revealed. "So we would need to find another partner who would stream it globally. You know, I think all those other options are being explored at the minute given that there is a desire to go on with it amongst quite a lot of people – the BBC, Lookout Point, myself, you know."

Based on the real-life diaries of Anne Lister, who is often regarded as "the first modern lesbian," Gentleman Jack sees Lister leaves Hastings brokenhearted and heads to the lush landscape of Halifax, West Yorkshire, England to restore her uncle's estate that she has inherited. While restoring the estate she finds that the family land has a coal mine and that it is being stolen by two brothers. This unusual lady landowner develops a potentially dangerous romance with another woman, which she records in a cryptic diary. The series stars Suranne Jones as Lister and Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker.

"HBO will not be moving forward with a third season of Gentleman Jack," HBO said in a statement when the cancellation was announced. "When we began this journey more than five years ago, we knew the series' creator Sally Wainwright had a uniquely compelling vision, and it's been tremendously gratifying to see how Anne Lister's journey has resonated with viewers. We are incredibly grateful to Sally, to the impeccable Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle, and to the entire cast and crew for bringing Anne and Ann's story to life. We'd also like to thank our partners at BBC and Lookout Point for their collaboration on two remarkable seasons."