'Gotham' Will End With Batman's Origin

Gotham is coming to a close, but Bruce's time as Batman is just beginning, according to the series' final panel at New York Comic Con on Sunday.

Showrunner John Stephens joined several cast members on stage this weekend for what they noted will likely be their final panel at the convention. Gotham is wrapping up its five season run this year, and as it comes to an end, it will show the very beginnings of Bruce Wayne's career as Batman. The panel was full of information, ranging from light teases to full on spoilers, but Stephens and David Mazouz waited until the very end to slip inn one major point about the final season.

"Oh yes," Stephens said, at the last minute. "David, do you want to speak about that?"

"Bruce is going to meet his first bat!" the actor said to thunderous applause. "It's pretty awesome."

Fans have watched the young orphan grow into his vigilante persona for four seasons now. He has gone from nihilistic to optimistic, and these days he is out on the street with just about everything except the ears. Still, to see him have that iconic moment of self-realization will be a perfect ending to the series.

The panel made it clear in other ways that Bruce is now an active part of fighting for his city. Season 5 will take on a version of the Zero Year and No Man's Land story lines from the comics, making Gotham into an isolated city essentially under the villains' control. This presents the perfect opportunity for Bruce to step up and help hold the city together, at least until the government can intervene, as Mazouz explained.

This partnership between Bruce and Jim Gordon is a staple of the Batman mythos, but it takes on a whole new meaning in this context. By showing Bruce's attempts at public service and heroism before he becomes Batman, it illustrates his frustration with the existing system, which ultimately drives him to go the vigilante route.


Gotham has a lot of other surprises in store this season, from more poignant symbolism to plot-heavy drama. Season 5 will be half the length of the previous seasons, and it premieres on Fox in 2019.