Hannibal Seasons 2 & 3 Finally Appear on Netflix

UPDATE: Hannibal launched on Netflix Friday morning with only one season, which is what this [...]

UPDATE: Hannibal launched on Netflix Friday morning with only one season, which is what this article is about. A couple of hours after writing it, Seasons 2 and 3 finally found their way to Netflix, making the series complete. You can read the original article in its entirety below.

TV fans have been ecstatic over the news that all three seasons of Hannibal were being added to Netflix this month. The series was well ahead of its time and has gained a dedicated cult following in the half-decade since it went off the air. Friday, June 5th, was the day Netflix had announced that Hannibal would arrive, advertising that all three seasons would be available on numerous occasions. However, June 5th is now upon us and only one season of Hannibal can be found.

If you log on to Netflix today you'll see Hannibal available to stream, which is undoubtedly awesome news. But when you dive in and take a look at what episodes are actually available, only Season 1 will be present. The list on the site even says in bold letters, "Watch Season 1 Now." What happened to the other two seasons?

Netflix first announced the pending arrival of Hannibal on May 18th, and there was no mistaking the message. The tweet says, "All three seasons of Bryan Fuller's bloody brilliant Hannibal will be available on Netflix in The US on June 5." There's no mistaking the words there. Three seasons. United States. June 5th.

About a week later, Netflix shared its monthly "Coming Soon" newsletter, which outlines every movie and TV show coming to the service in the following month. That June newsletter backed up the tweet from Netflix, listing Seasons 1-3 of Hannibal for arrival on June 5th.

So far, Netflix hasn't put out any kind of response or statement about the missing Hannibal seasons. Some curious fans reached out to the Netflix help desk and were given a generic answer about regional restrictions. ComicBook.com is still waiting for clarification from the product team over at Netflix. In other words, there aren't really any answers as to why Netflix only has one season of Hannibal. At least, not yet.

There is certainly an explanation out there. It could be an issue with the uploading of the episodes. There could be a streaming rights issue that is holding the other seasons back. For now, it's anyone's guess.

Hopefully this will all get sorted out by the time you binge the first season of Hannibal. If not, the entire series is still streaming on Prime Video.