Harley Quinn: First Two Episodes Free to Watch on HBO Max

The first two episodes of the Harley Quinn animated series are free to watch on HBO Max. On the DC Comics official account, they announced that the initial adventures with Poison Ivy and Harley are available to stream now. Over the course of the first two seasons, fans from all over celebrated Harley Quinn for its humor and wild action. The series became an immediate bright spot for DC Universe and the fans would not let the publisher forget it when it was time for renewal. With Season 2 already done, the focus has shifted towards what's next for executive producers Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern. They actually sat down with Comicbook.com earlier this year to talk about which familiar faces would be making their way to HBO Max for Season 3. Fans of all the staple villains should rejoice because it sounds like a lot of the gang will be getting back together.

Halpern explained, "If you see somebody who's no longer in the show that didn't die in an episode, that means they didn't want to come back," he says.

Those looking for more Doctor Psycho have nothing to worry about when it comes to more from the terrible psychic.

"We love Doctor psycho," Schumacher told us. "We love Tony Hale. We want Doctor Psycho to come back. But obviously, after what happened in season two, making him part of the crew still seems like a nonstarter. Figuring out ways to continue to incorporate him into the storylines, and is he someone who will be like the Hannibal Lecter character as a dark mentor behind bars to Harley and Ivy as they navigate their way through the story of season three, was one thought that we had. So yeah, we really want to get him back in the story."

Harley Quinn really is a success story for both streaming platform. The creative team just wants to keep telling their story as long as the fans will have them.


Schumacker noted. "But everybody, from what we can tell, was really pleased with how everything turned out. The way that animation works, it's interesting and also a little bit terrifying at times, because it's not like live-action where you're locking people with contracts for many years before they get cast in the show. It's just done on an episode by episode basis. It's just, 'Hey, are you available?' But, at the same time, the time commitment is so different than in live-action that oftentimes, unless it's a completely terrible experience for someone, they're generally pretty receptive to coming back. So no one has explicitly told us that they will not be returning to the show."

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