HBO Boss Shoots Down Six Feet Under Revival Rumors

Reboots and revivals are continuing to have a moment in Hollywood with just about everything getting a second go it seems be it new seasons of beloved shows many years after said shows had ended or completely new takes on things, such as Peacock's Bel-Air taking a drama spin on beloved '90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But for fans of HBO's iconic series Six Feet Under who have been hopeful that series would get new life, that series is one that isn't coming back in any capacity. According to HBO boss Casey Bloys, a revival of Six Feet Under just isn't in the works.

In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Bloys was asked how selecting a property to revive worked now that HBO Max is giving viewers the opportunity to explore HBO's vast library. Surprisingly, Bloys said that he doesn't really think about what to reboot next—and then revealed that a revival of Six Feet Under just isn't in the cards,

"Believe it or not, I don't spend my time thinking about what shows to reboot. I just want to point out that if you look at the last year, between Mare of Easttown, The White Lotus and Succession and Insecure and now Euphoria and Gilded Age and going into Winning Time, there' s no reboots," Bloys said. "In most of those cases, they weren't based on existing IP. I do want to take a moment to make clear that we don't spend our days thinking about what to reboot because it's a tricky business bringing a show back. But to your question, True Blood, there were a couple of ideas in development, but nothing has really come to the fore. As far as Six Feet Under, I personally don't think that's a good idea. I think there are some shows that are better left, in Six Feet Under's case, dead—or finished. So, no other news on that front."

Last December, it was reported that a follow-up series to Six Feet Under was in the works for HBO, something that surprised fans at the time considering that the series delivered what many consider one of the best—and most definitive—series finales of all time. Six Feet Under told the tale of the Fisher & Sons Funeral Home in Los Angeles and the dysfunctional family that lives in the home and operates the business operating out of its first story. The series starred Peter Krause (Parenthood), Michael C. Hall (Dexter), Frances Conroy (American Horror Story), Lauren Ambrose (The X-Files, Servant), Freddy Rodriguez, Mathew St. Patrick, Fachel Griffiths as Brenda Chenowith, Jeremy Sisto, James Cromwell, Justina Machado, and Richard Jenkins. The series has remained a fan-favorite, more than 16 years after it ended.

At the time of the report of the possible follow-up series, there wasn't much in the way of details with some speculating that it could be a sequel to the original, but Bloys comments seem pretty definitive that whatever the project was, it's not moving out of development at this time.

All five seasons of Six Feet Under are streaming on HBO Max.