House of the Dragon Star Compares Harwin Strong to Beloved Game of Thrones Character

Ser Harwin Strong didn't get a lot of screen time on House of the Dragon, but he certainly made a lasting impact with fans before his tragic death. Harwin, likely the father to Rhaenyra's children, was one of the few truly honorable people in Westeros, but his brother Larys hired some death row prisoners to kill him and their father by setting fire to Harrenhal. In the eyes of fans, Harwin left entirely too soon, which reminds everyone of beloved Game of Thrones character Oberyn Martell.

Pedro Pascal's Game of Thrones standout was only around for a single season, but he made a lasting impact on everyone watching. The character launched his career to a whole new level after the Red Viper was killed and people still talk about his arc on the show. When preparing for Harwin Strong, House of the Dragon star Ryan Corr thought a lot about Oberyn.

"I spoke with [showrunners] Miguel [Sapochnik] and Ryan [Condal] early on," Corr explained to AV Club. "I think it was Ryan that spoke to me about Pedro Pascal's character in [Game Of Thrones], the Red Viper, and how he was there for a limited amount of time but his presence lingered, long after his death and throughout the series. Obviously they're very different characters, but they saw their impact as being similar."

Harwin, like Oberyn, was an instantly beloved character amongst fans, though he didn't get quite as much time on-screen. Corr saw Harwin as an honorable man that people could actually root for, showcasing his character in how he interacted with Rhaenyra's children.

"I wanted to explore ideas of strength other than physical strength, you know? Strength in honor and strength in love for a family and happily sitting back in the world," the actor said. "And I had a pretty incredible father myself who was always there, he's always said to me my whole life, me and my sister, he sort of said, 'You know, my life is about you kids, period.' And he's very much lived that. And I always saw that as a really strong trait in him. And I guess I tried to bring ideas of that over."


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