I Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer Released For Amazon Series

Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer TV series reboot has released its first teaser trailer, which you can watch above! The teaser isn't very telling - in fact, if you don't know about the famous R.L. Stine novel and cult-hit '90s horror-slasher movie it inspired, you'll probably have a hard time picking up on what this teaser is putting down. However, for those in the know, this new vision of I Know What You Did Last Summer is still clearly using the bare-bones framework of the original story - just updated for the modern times we live in. 

Amazon's I Know What You Did Last Summer stars Madison Iseman, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck, Brooke Bloom, and Bill Heck - with Sonya Balmores, Spencer Sutherland, and Chrissie Fit appearing in recurring roles. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer will be eight episodes long and will be set in Hawaii,  a different set of characters than the original film. The synopsis from Amazon states that the series will be "a modern take on the hit 1997 horror film that honors the same chilling premise — in a town full of secrets, a group of teenagers are stalked by a mysterious killer a year after a fatal accident on their graduation night."

Showrunner Sara Goodman sat down with PEOPLE to talk about doing I Know What You Did Last Summer in 2021, especially with what it means for a group of people to keep a life-changing secret in the age of social media and blogs, and influencers:

"With all the social media exposure, it feels impossible to keep a secret right now," Goodman explained. "Yet, what we see are only half-truths about who people really are. This wasn't the dynamic when the novel or the movie came out. It's a lot harder to discern the truth in 2021!... There's more than just the mystery of who's after them. It's very much a mystery of who they really are."

Even though the show will be a new story with new characters, fans of the '90s film with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Ryan Phillippe, and Jennifer Love Hewitt will get their due: "It's a fresh start. That said, we scattered some Easter eggs throughout the series which should be fun for the fans of the movie to discover," Goodman teases. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer will premiere its first four episodes on October 15th on Amazon Prime Video.