Inside Job: Part 2 Release Date Announced by Netflix

It's time to update the conspiracy board, because Inside Job is about to return. On Tuesday, Netflix released a teaser poster for Season 1, Part 2 of the hit adult animated series. The poster confirmed the release date of the new batch of ten episodes — Friday, November 18th. The series hails from Gravity Falls writer Shion Takeuchi and creator Alex Hirsch, as part of their overall development deal with Netflix.

You can check out the teaser poster below.

What is Inside Job about?

Inside Job is an adult animated comedy about the shadow government-- and the dysfunctional team whose daily grind is committing the world's conspiracies. From convoluted coverups to secret societies to masked orgy etiquette, navigating office culture at Cognito Inc. can be tricky, especially for anti-social tech genius Reagan Ridley. Even in a workplace filled with reptilian shapeshifters and psychic mushrooms, she's seen as the odd one out for believing the world could be a better place. Reagan thinks she can make a difference, if only she could manage her unhinged, manifesto-writing father, her irresponsible coworkers, and finally snag the promotion she's been dreaming about.

The series features the voice talents of Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater, Clark Duke, Tisha Campbell, Andrew Daly, John DiMaggio, Bobby Lee, and Brett Gelman.

Will Inside Job get a Season 2?

In addition to Season 1, Part 2, Netflix already confirmed that Inside Job will be coming back for a second season. The series was renewed as part of Netflix's Geeked Week celebration earlier this summer.

"That's the million-dollar question, isn't it?" Takeuchi previously told of measuring the series' success. "From what I hear, Netflix has algorithms that will help assist in that metric. But I think for my personal measure of success would be if people end up, any number of people, even if it's small, end up loving the characters and connecting with them in any way. Because over the course of the series, they've become real people to me, and I love them. And so, I just hope that people genuinely love these characters."

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Part 2 of Inside Job will debut on Netflix on November 18th.