Interview With the Vampire EP Teases Mayfair Witches Crossover

Immortal Universe EP Mark Johnson says a character from Interview will appear on Mayfair Witches.

Since AMC announced both Interview With the Vampire and Mayfair Witches, fans of Anne Rice's novels the shows are based upon have been curious as to if — or when — the two series will cross over. While the witches and the vampires have very different stories in Rice's books, they do overlap in places and it sounds like they will on television as well, just perhaps not quite as extensively as initially hoped. Speaking with Collider, executive producer Mark Johnson spoke about how the series of the growing Immortal Universe are aren't directly connected, but with the right characters crossover can occur — and there will be one between Interview With the Vampire and Mayfair Witches.

"I assumed going into this that it truly was a franchise, and that the Immortal Universe and the Anne Rice world was somehow more connected. But in a strange way, with the shows that we're making and developing, they aren't directly connected. You can look at them and say, 'Oh, that's Anne Rice, but I don't know what that is,'" Johnson said. "There was a point when maybe it was a little too schematic that we were trying to insert one character from one story into another and it wasn't necessarily working. With that said, we're discovering that there are some characters that it does work with. There's somebody from Interview that's going to appear in Mayfair Witches, but she's much more complicated than I thought she was. In the feature world, I did the three Chronicles of Narnia and it was very easy to figure out different characters you could interlace. That's not the case here. I think that actually speaks to the strength of Anne's writing and her creation."

This isn't the first time the idea of a crossover between Interview With the Vampire and Mayfair Witches has come up. Last year, the idea of crossover was discussed by Mayfair Witches showrunner Esta Spalding as well as Johnson. At the time, Johnson teased Easter egg-like connections between the two series.

"I think if we continue you will see a lot of connections, both in terms of characters, in terms of geography — some of them sort of fun, some of them almost like Easter eggs, and we very much want to tie the worlds together in a way that makes sense," Johnson said. "[Mayfair Witches and Interview With the Vampire are] completely separate on one hand, but thematically, just in terms of Anne Rice's — the way she deals with characters and the way she presents them — we want to find a way to have that all fluid throughout the various shows."

A Third Immortal Universe Series is Coming

While a character crossover between Interview With the Vampire and Mayfair Witches is in the works, so is a third Immortal Universe series that could see crossover between both shows. Earlier this week, AMC announced that The Talamasca had officially been greenlit at the network. The series set to center on the secretive society of the same name, has a tentative premiere date for some time in 2025. The Talamasca has already been introduced in the Immortal Universe by way of Mayfair Witches as one of its central characters, Ciprien Grieve, is an agent for the organization, and in Season 2 of Interview With the Vampire we're introduced to Raglan James, also a member of the Talamsaca.

Season 2 of Interview With the Vampire airs Sundays on AMC. Season 2 of Mayfair Witches is expected in 2025.