John Cena Reveals Huge Update on James Gunn's Peacemaker Season 2

John Cena begins filming Season 2 of Peacemaker very soon!

Peacemaker star John Cena shared an update on when Season 2 is ready to get filming. After an absolutely electrifying run-in during WrestleMania XL, the WWE Superstar joined The Pat McAfee Show to talk about the fate of the Max favorite and his future in the squared circle. Cena mentioned his upcoming feature Heads of State. But, his time with Peacemaker Season 2 will be coming up very soon. He's filming right after he gets done with that movie. That makes sense as James Gunn will likely be wrapping up Superman's filming then and the schedules all line up. After that, The Franchise is hoping that he gets one more crack at a WWE run.

"We started filming [a movie] before the strike called Heads of State Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Idris Elba," Cena began. "And then straight from that to Peacemaker Season 2. That'll take us through just about Christmas. I'm crossing my fingers, and toes, and my heart, that maybe – maybe just maybe – I can tell the Hollywood World to pump the brakes for a while and come back to my family for one last run. I hope, I don't know. I hope, I'm trying, we'll see what happens."

Peacemaker Season 2 Updates

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Gunn has been super open about the scheduling for his DC Universe projects. As one of the most well-received pieces of superhero media of the last 5 years, a lot of people what to know what's been going on with Peacemaker. It turns out that the Max show will begin filming this summer. From there, Gunn's dance card is pretty full with Waller and guiding the larger DC Comics picture on film. He won't be directing every single episode of these shows. But, he's got his hands in a whole lot of the production side for each one.

"The source is kind of iffy but this is true," Gunn said on social media when asked about Season 2's summer filming.. "John Cena shared this on Howard Stern last week. To answer your follow-up questions: yes, we'll be shooting Superman & Peacemaker simultaneously; yes, I've written all the episodes; but, no, in the interest of getting the show out there I won't be able to direct them all (only some); & yes, Waller's still happening & Jeremy & Christal are hard at work writing great stuff, but the schedule was impacted by the strikes so Waller will come after PM in the larger order of things."

John Cena's Barbie Cameo


Fans have seen Cena pop-up all over. That includes in the buff at The Oscars and during Barbie. On The Howard Stern Show, the WWE star explained that he almost didn't get to be a mermaid in the Oscar-winning movie because his agency didn't think it was a great idea.

"[The agency is] just going on what they know, and what they know is, 'This entity, this commodity gravitates towards these things, we should stay in this lane,'" Cena explained. "But I'm not a commodity. I'm a human being, and I operate under the construct of every opportunity is an opportunity."

"I read the script of the movie and I tried my hardest to be in it," Cena added. "Margot [Robbie] was like, 'We'll make you a mermaid. You'll be in it for half a day.''Yeah, sure. But I think the perspective from an agency standpoint was, 'This is beneath you,' which I get that. But also to the agency's credit, immediately they acquiesced."

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