Lucy Hale Posts Emotional Video After Katy Keene Cancellation

Lucy Hale has posted an emotional video after news of The CW’s Katy Keene cancellation came down. The actress has some notable sniffling during the intro as she discussed the entire situation. Hale was absolutely grateful for the opportunity after not getting picked up for a second season. She said, “This is a job that has broken my heart multiple times… It will take some time to get over it.” Hale also made sure to thank the cast and crew for bringing their absolute best to the set every day. Even with all that, WBTV will have to find a new home for the series by July 31. HBO Max looks like a likely solution, but it is hard to say at this moment. For fans of the series, the pain is just too real at the moment.

Katy Keene's cancellation has been an extreme blow to everyone involved. Especially those who had been so vocal in their support before it debuted in February.

“I think a lot of people took our first two shows for granted – because Archie/Riverdale and Sabrina are our top properties. But Katy Keene is different. I liken it to our Iron Man moment,” Archie CEO John Goldwater explained. “When Marvel announced plans for an Iron Man movie, a lot of people scoffed. They felt like their best characters – Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four – were already spoken for. But then they changed the game, and they reinvigorated the brand at the same time. We see a lot of parallels there with Katy Keene, who, look, we love – she’s an icon. But she’s also a deeper cut than Archie, Sabrina or even Josie. We see this as a really pivotal moment for the company and for our media properties.”

Goldwater would go even further in his praise for the series. It was a major event in the Archie Comics family.


"It is a watershed moment for the company," Goldwater told of Katy Keene before it got on the air. "We are called Archie Comics, so most people don't realize the breadth and depth of our IP. We literally have hundreds of brands, thousands of characters, obviously some way more well-known than others. Comic book people know Katy but the world at large don't know Katy. And for us to be able to start to mine the depth of our library is a transformative moment for Archie Comics. It's such an exciting moment in time for the company and it's as exciting as when Riverdale first came along. It is that kind of seminal moment."

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