Kevin Smith Takes A Side In Baby Yoda Eating Those Eggs On The Mandalorian: "It's Genocide"

Filmmaker Kevin Smith went on a tear this afternoon, posting a series of tweets with the various images of Bugs Bunny and his nephew Clyde Bunny and developing a meme out of it. The gist of it is an older figure lecturing someone younger about a subject which they won't relent on with topics including shopping at the mall, the UK and the US versions of The Office, how Rose and Jack could both sit on the door in Titanic, and also what he thinks of Baby Yoda eating all those eggs in The Mandalorian's latest episode. As Smith recounts it, "Baby Yoda eating those eggs isn’t cute, it’s genocide."

As you may recall from the episode, The Mandalorian was giving passage to a young "Frog Lady" who was transporting her eggs from Tatooine to "the estuary moon of Trask in the system of the gas giant Kol Iben." She needed her eggs to get there and be fertilized by her husband before "the equinox" and that traveling in hyperspace will render them useless. Due to this they're forced to take the long way and while traveling The Child decides to pop open the lid to the egg cargo and has a snack, multiple times.

We've added some other of Smith's other attempts at the meme as well

To Smith's point about the events of the episode, fans of the Disney+ series were easily disturbed by what they saw happen. We're just days away from the next episode of the series so we'll have to see if The Child goes for another snack or not. In the meantime, you can now order a Funko Pop that commemorates Baby Yoda's new favorite treat.

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