Law & Order: Dick Wolf Teases What to Expect From Series Revival

The original Law & Order that spawned a universe of shows is coming back for a new season, the 21st in fact, and now we have some additional details from creator Dick Wolf. In an interview with Variety, Wolf discussed the upcoming return and what fans can expect, and the good news is that the show is not deviating from the winning formula that earned it all the success in the first place. Wolf is glad to finally have it back in the mix, and he wasn't about to give up on it. "I never give up on things I believe in," Wolf said. "It took a long time, but the journey was worth it."

Wolf added that there wasn't anything to fix in terms of the show, but did note that while the three cops and three D.A.s format will stay the same, much of the cast will be new.

"This will be Season 21, so it's the same 'Law & Order' everyone knows from the first 20 years," Wolf said. "So there's really nothing to fix, we just want to continue telling great stories. Casting as always will be three cops and three D.A.s."

"We always approach storytelling the same way: Good writing, acting and production values, and give the viewers what they want," Wolf said. "That's been our mantra from day one."

Wolf's projects are still in high demand, and between his FBI, Chicago, and Law & Order universes, his stamp is all over Network television. FBI over at CBS, which includes FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI International, combine for 27.7 million viewers, while NBC's One Chicago, which includes Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D., average 10.8 million, 11.7 million, and 11.6 million respectively.

As for Law & Order, SVU premiered its 23rd season with 9.2 million viewers, and Organized Crime premiered with 7.5 million viewers.

"What stands out is the predictable nature of getting viewers what they want," Wolf said. "The last three seasons of the Wednesday 'Chicago' stack and now the Tuesday 'FBIs' and Thursday 'Law & Orders' prove that traditional television viewers will binge on the comfort food of our brands. The only number that matters now is total audience, and with L+3 and L+7 metrics, our shows pulled in over 74 million viewers last week."


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