Law & Order Fall Finales Trailer Reveals First Look at Amanda Rollins' Final SVU Episode

Next week will usher in the final new episodes of all three Law & Order shows for the year, and all three are sending 2022 out in style. NBC gave fans a first look at all three fall finales with a new trailer, and while there was a lot to process for both Law & Order and Law & Order: Organized Crime, Law & Order: SVU held the biggest reveal. It's been known since before the season began that this would be Kelli Giddish's last season on SVU as Amanda Rollins, though it wasn't her decision to leave. In the new trailer, we see that the big moment will happen on SVU next week, and you can check out part of the episode in the trailer below.

During the SVU portion of the trailer, we hear Rollins telling someone, presumably Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) that she is leaving SVU. The scene we see is of Rollins leaving Benson's house, though that isn't the only scene we see.

We then see a tease of Rollins and Carisi's (Peter Scanavino) wedding, and everyone is in attendance. The next scene we see is of Benson and Rollins hugging and crying, with Benson telling her "I love you, Amanda". It's going to be an emotional episode for sure and a rollercoaster of one from what it seems so far, and fans are going to want to tune in to see how Rollins' SVU story moves forward next week.

The rest of the trailer is action-packed as well, with someone who didn't commit the crime he confessed to taking hostages, and things only get more complicated and possibly deadly from there. Then on Organized Crime Bell says there's an ambush and the trailer implies Reyes is the one surrounded. Bell says they aren't going to leave a man behind and the entire Organized Crime crew loads up to go save their teammate and friend. You can watch the fall finale trailer for all three shows in the video above.

Law & Order kicks things off on Thursday, December 8th at 7 PM CST, while SVU will follow at 8 PM CST and Organized Crime will conclude the final Law & Order Thursday of 2022 at 9 PM CST.


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