Law & Order: Organized Crime Casts Gotham Star Robin Lord Taylor for Season 2

Gotham star Robin Lord Taylor is joining the cast of NBC's Law & Order: Organized Crime. Beginning Thursday, January 6th, Taylor will appear in a recurring role as Sebastian McClane, a notorious hacker also known as "Constantine". According to NBC, "when a prison break leaves several high-security convicts at large, including McClane, the New York State police look to Jet (Ainsley Seiger) and the Organized Crime task force to bring him in."

Taylor is perhaps best known for his role as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin for five seasons on Fox's Gotham. The actor has also appeared on AMC's The Walking Dead as well as Kevin Can F*** Himself and Netflix's You. He's also appeared in films such as John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum, Cold Comes the Night, Accepted, and Another Earth.

According to showrunner Ilene Chaiken, Taylor's Constantine will be "featured heavily" in the upcoming arc now that Richard Wheatley (Dylan McDermott) is no longer facing charges for the death of Kathy Stabler (the judge declared a mistrial in the Law & Order: SVU hour of this week's crossover).

"'Nemesis' is really about Stabler and Wheatley — it's about Stabler versus Wheatley, in that most classic way," Chaiken told Give Me My Remote. "But there are other characters [in play]. And there's a new character, who is, in a sense, in between them…who you'll meet in episode 10 which is the first official episode of the so-called Wheatley pod."

About Constantine she added, "He sets off a chain reaction of events that both Wheatley and Stabler swirl around. And he's just a very cool character that I'm excited to bring to life."

The description of things also sounds like Jet will have an important role to play as well and Seiger previously spoke with about how Season 2 of Organized Crime is allowing a different side of Jet to come to life.

"But something that's been really cool for me to explore in this season has been the growth in Jet's comfortability with specifically Stabler and Bell, and how those relationships have changed," Seiger said. "And now that we have Brewster and a couple of other newbies coming into the task force, she now is faced with, 'Okay, I was comfortable with these people and now there are new people, and we don't seem to like them very much.' And something I've been coming up against a lot has been this very guard dog-esque, very protective feeling that I have started to get over Bell, of if you question her, you question me, and you question everything. I think Jet's loyalty is something that's been coming to the forefront a lot more this season."

Law & Order: Organized Crime will return with a new episode on Thursday, January 6, 2022, at 10/9 CT on NBC.