Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor Makes His Law & Order: Organized Crime Debut in Exclusive Clip

Best known for his antics as Oswald Cobblepot throughout all five seasons of Gotham, actor Robin Lord Taylor is looking to take his villainous talents to another network hit. Taylor is set to begin an arc on Law & Order: Organized Crime Thursday night, playing a dangerous hacker with a dedicated cult following. Fans have been excited to see what Taylor brings to the table in the Law & Order spinoff, and they now have the chance thanks to an exclusive new clip. is excited to debut a clip from Thursday's episode Law & Order: Organized Crime, which acts as a standalone introduction to Taylor's character. Sebastian "Constantine" McClane has escaped a high-security prison, and the clip shows the Organized Crime team working through his file and the hacker making some moves of his own. You can check it out in the video above!

After Constantine escapes from prison, Stabler (Chris Meloni) and his team are tasked with tracking him down and bringing him in. one of the speed bumps with this case, however, is that a lot of people hold Constantine up as a folk hero of sorts. The hacker is known as much for his activism as he is for his crime, wiping out student loan debts for people he's never met. Taylor's role is a recurring one, so he'll be appearing in multiple episodes throughout the show's new arc.

"He sets off a chain reaction of events that both Wheatley and Stabler swirl around," showrunner Ilene Chalken told Give Me My Remote last month, when Taylor's casting was revealed. "And he's just a very cool character that I'm excited to bring to life."

In addition to Stabler and Wheatley, it seems as though Jet will also have an important part to play in this upcoming arc. Ainsley Sieger, who plays Jet on the show, previously opened up to about bringing a different side of her character to life this season.

"But something that's been really cool for me to explore in this season has been the growth in Jet's comfortability with specifically Stabler and Bell, and how those relationships have changed," Seiger said. "And now that we have Brewster and a couple of other newbies coming into the task force, she now is faced with, 'Okay, I was comfortable with these people and now there are new people, and we don't seem to like them very much.' And something I've been coming up against a lot has been this very guard dog-esque, very protective feeling that I have started to get over Bell, of if you question her, you question me, and you question everything. I think Jet's loyalty is something that's been coming to the forefront a lot more this season."

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New episodes of Law & Order: Organized Crime air on Thursday nights at 10 pm ET on NBC.