Locke & Key's Griffin Gluck and Hallea Jones Loved Playing the Villains in Season 2

The second season of Locke & Key has arrived on Netflix, and the new installment of the popular series has two new villains front and center. The end of Season 1 revealed that Gabe, Kinsey's new boyfriend, was actually the demonic Dodge all along. Eden, another of Kinsey's peers, ended up becoming a host for a demon. Now the two of them have teamed up to take on the Locke family and steal the secrets of Key House in Season 2. Griffin Gluck and Hallea Jones, the actors behind Gabe and Eden, had a ton of fun in Season 2 exploring their villainous sides.

"There was definitely an interesting power dynamic that Gabe and Eden go through throughout the season," Jones told ComicBook.com in a recent interview. "Because Eden has a very independent, 'She don't need no man' kind of thing. But she's between a rock and a hard place with Gabe. He won't admit it, but he needs her help. But she's difficult. She's not a sheep. She's her own wolf, so it's two wolves fighting for and wanting this big thing. We had a lot of fun getting to do some chaotic stuff in Season 2."

Gabe has all the power in Season 2, at least at the start of it, but he does need Eden in order to see his plan through. Unlike Gabe, however, she isn't calculated. She's chaotic. 

"Gabe doesn't trust her amateur demon mind at this point," Jones continued. "Obviously she does some things that are a little bit problematic and uncalled for. But he definitely doesn't really know how to manage the mischief that is Eden. But we found some kind of rhythm throughout it and we see how Eden retaliates against it throughout the season in certain ways."

Even though Gabe is the big villain of Season 2, he simply seemed like an innocent pal and bystander in Locke & Key's first season. Knowing that a villainous turn was coming was a big reason why Griffin Gluck took the role, but none of his co-stars knew about the twist until production started on the season finale.

"Funny enough, I actually knew from the very beginning. When I auditioned, when I booked the role, I was told. And that's what was a lot of the appeal to me, getting to play this evil character," Gluck said. "But I didn't know that no one else knew. We were on the set and I just assumed everyone knew I was going to be evil, so I just never bothered mentioning it."

"So that was a lot of fun to go into Season 1, knowing that and filming and being able to play around, throw some subtle evil stuff in there. And then Season 2 we just got to go full force," the actor added.

You can check out Griffin Gluck and Hallea Jones in Locke & Key Season 2, now streaming on Netflix.