Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 3 Featurette May Reveal Hellcat Prototype Costume

A new behind-the-scenes featurette from Netflix may show Hellcat's debut on Jessica Jones Season 3.

The third and final season of Jessica Jones hits Netflix later this month, and looks like it still has new surprises in store for fans. A behind-the-scenes video released on Tuesday shows clips from an episode directed by Krysten Ritter herself, and it sounds like it could feature the first on-screen appearance of Hellcat.

In the comics, Jessica's adoptive sister Patricia Walker (Rachel Taylor) does a bit of vigilante work of her own under the alias Hellcat. She sports a blue and yellow outfit, typically with a cowl and claws, although it has evolved over the years. The behind-the-scenes feature seems to show Trish hitting the streets in a mask, perhaps teasing a prototype of her costume.

It's a brief but unmistakable glimpse, about halfway through the trailer. In it, Trish wears black from head to toe, including a jacket with a high collar pulled up over her nose and a black beanie covering her head. There are also clips of her working out, learning to fight and even doing some stunts.

Obviously, the minimalist outfit is nothing like the catsuit Trish has worn in the comics, but then again Marvel's Netflix shows are known for building slowly to the costume reveal. Daredevil did not get his burgundy suit until the end of Season 1, and Luke Cage was shown in his signature yellow t-shirt and arm bands just once in a flashback.

Whether Trish dons some version of the Hellcat costume this season or not, it seems clear that she will do a whole lot of fighting. The featurette shows us a few hints, and Taylor and Ritter discuss her active role in the episode.

"We're following the point of view of Trish," Ritter says as the director of the episode. "So I get to really delve deeper into her character and her motivation."

"I just feel, like, crazy crazy lucky that she's the person directing this ep," Taylor says. "No other director knows what it's like to originate a super hero character."


That sounds like a pretty straightforward promise about Trish's role in the upcoming season. Introducing a new vigilante in the final season is a bold move, but it is exactly the kind of thing that made Marvel's Netflix shows such a hit in the first place.

Jessica Jones Season 3 hits Netflix on Friday, June 14.