Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Original Cast Reportedly Returning for 30th Anniversary Special

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers celebrates its 30th anniversary this year and the fans might be in for a big treat when it comes to celebrating that milestone. A new report from The Illuminerdi indicates that the original Power Rangers cast members may be returning for the occasion. According to the report, all of the original cast members have been asked to return for the 30th anniversary special, though it's unclear if they will all sign on. If all of the original members do return for the special, it will mark the first dedicated return since 1994. It was previously reported that David Yost, who had portrayed Billy Cranston in not only the original Mighty Morphin seasons, but stuck around a bit longer, would be returning.

Not a lot is known about the special at this time. The Illuminerdi reports that the special will have a 44-minute runtime and is expected to be the grand finale of the Power Rangers series that has been running since 1993. A reboot of the franchise is already in the works from Jonathan Entwistle. That project will debut on Netflix,

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in August 1993 as part of the Fox Kids programming block. The series was a major 1990s pop culture phenomenon. The series originally starred David Yost as Billy Cranson/Blue Ranger, Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Ann Hart/Pink Ranger, Walter Emanuel Jones as Zack Taylor/Black Ranger, Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger, and Thuy Trang as Trini Kwan/Yellow Ranger. Trang sadly died in a car accident in 2001, though fans expect that her character's legacy could be explored in the special.

Fans can check out the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Netflix. Pluto TV also recently added the series to its Forever Kids channel, Pluto TV channel 1014. The first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be streaming on the Forever Kids channel, M-F at 5pm and 10pm ET with encores every weekend, all month long.

What do you think? Are you hopeful the original Power Rangers will return for the 30th anniversary?  Are you excited to see how the celebrate the series' milestone anniversary? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!