Muppet Babies: Skeeter and Scooter Make Their Debut in New Clip

Two of the beloved Muppet Babies from the original animated series are finally set to make their return in the current Disney Junior reboot. The second season of Muppet Babies will be back on the air this Friday, May 22nd, and the special occasion will be marked by the arrival of twins Scooter and Skeeter to the playroom. The twin Muppet characters were a staple of the first Muppet Babies TV series, but have been absent from the current version of the show. That all changes this week.

To get excited about Scooter and Skeeter's Muppet Babies debut on Friday, we've got a little clip from the new episode that shows the twins back in action, alongside all of their Muppet pals. You can watch the new clip in the video at the top of the page!

As always, Friday's episode of Muppet Babies will feature two individual stories, each about 11 minutes in length. Skeeter and Scooter will be featured in both. The first of the two stories is called "Win a Twin," in which Scooter tries to have fun without Skeeter for the first time. In the second part of the episode, "Skeeter and the Super Girls," Skeeter worries about her glasses as the attempts to be a superhero. You can take a look at the descriptions of both episode stories below.

"Win a Twin" - "When Skeeter volunteers to help Miss Nanny bake, her twin, Scooter, isn't sure he can have fun playing without her."

"Skeeter and the Super Girls" - "Skeeter is so excited to save the day with Super Fabulous and Captain Ice Cube, but she doesn't think she can be a superhero if she wears her glasses."

Muppet Babies stars Matt Danner as Kermit the Frog, Jenny Slate as Miss Nanny, Melanie Harrison as Piggy, Dee Bradley Baker as Animal, Eric Bauza as Fozzie, Jessica DiCicco as Summer, and Ben Diskin as Gonzo. In addition to his voice work as Kermit, Danner also acts as supervising director and co-executive produces Muppet Babies alongside Tom Warburton. Chris Moreno serves as the co-producer and art director while Robyn Brown is the story editor.


The new episode of Muppet Babies will air on Disney Channel on Friday, May 22nd at 8:30 am PT, at which time it will also be available on DisneyNOW.

Are you excited for the return of Scooter and Skeeter to Muppet Babies? Let us know in the comments!