National Treasure: Edge of History Confirms Harvey Keitel Return During Comic-Con 2022 Panel

There are now two stars of the original National Treasure reprising their roles for the upcoming Disney+ series. This week, National Treasure: Edge of History put on a show for fans at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, unveiling the first teaser for the show and dropping a few little nuggets of knowledge about what people can expect when the series arrives later this year. Perhaps the biggest bit of news to come from the panel is the return of Harvey Keitel.

It was announced early on in production that Justin Bartha would be joining the cast of National Treasure: Edge of History to reprise his role as Riley Poole, Benjamin Gates' affable sidekick. Keitel appeared in both National Treasure movies as Peter Sadusky, an agent that was tasked with tracking down Gates but ended up becoming more of an ally than a foil. We don't yet know how many episodes will feature Keitel's Sadusky.

National Treasure: Edge of History follows a new story with a mostly new cast of characters. Lisette Alexis stars in the series as Jess, a DREAMer who knows that there is more to her family than she's been told. She has been described as a "brilliant ad resourceful mind" who loves a good mystery and has a "natural talent for solving puzzles." The cast also includes Lyndon Smith, Zuri Reed, Jake Austin Walker, Antonio Cipriano, and Jordan Rodrigues. Catherine Zeta-Jones will be portraying the series antagonist. 

Smith is playing FBI Agent Ross, an operative searching for redemption after a terrible mistake nearly ended her career. Reed takes on the role of Tasha, a social media personality, tech genius, and very close high school friend of Jess (Alexis). Rodrigues stars as Ethan, Jess' best friend, who has a hard time breaking the rules. Cipriano plays Oren, a class clown who knows a thing or two about conspiracy theories. Walker is set to play Liam, a struggling musician who comes from a long line of treasure hunters.

Jerry Bruckheimer is returning to executive produce the National Treasure TV series after producing the two Nicolas Cage films for Disney. He's joined by original director Jon Turteltaub and writers Marianne and Cormac Wibberly. The two Wibberlys will be writing the pilot episode of the TV series with Rick Muirragui. Mira Nair is set to direct the debut. 

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