Netflix Users Experiencing Outage on Mobile App

As if Netflix wasn't already having a tough couple of weeks, thanks to the highly-popular launch of rival service Disney+, it now looks like the streaming giant is facing a massive outage issue around the world. Users in multiple countries are reporting Thursday morning that they are unable to stream anything, or even access the Netflix mobile app. It's unclear at this time what the source of the issue is or if it will continue to spread in the coming hours.

Down Detector is reporting that the majority of the outages are occurring in Europe, particularly in the U.K. However, there are also some issues taking place in the United States, most of which are coming from the northeast. A few outages are also being reported in Asia and Australia.

Of the users reporting outages, 74% of them claim that their issues are with streaming video, while another 20% are saying there is no connection, and another 4% are having problems logging in. It appears as though the outages began at about 8:30 am ET, which shouldn't be much of a problem for most users in the United States, as the early hours of the morning aren't exactly considered prime time for watching Netflix. However, most of these outages are coming in Europe, where it was the middle of the afternoon when the issues began.

This is the how the timeline of the outages looks based on reports submitted to Down Detector:

down detector netflix
(Photo: Down Detector)

British publication The Sun reached out to Netflix for comment and the streaming company is definitely aware of the issue. A Netflix spokesperson told The Sun, "We're sorry for the inconvenience and we're working ot fix this as quickly as possible."


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