Julie and the Phantoms Producer Says "No Plans" For Season 2 on Netflix

Julie and the Phantoms' executive producer says there are no plans for Season 2 at this time. Deadline caught up with Kenny Ortega to talk about the fan favorite series. A lot of people online were surprised when news came down that there wouldn't be more episodes of the show on Netflix. As with a lot of releases, Julie and the Phantoms built up quite a fanbase, but the streamer didn't want to pursue more episodes. Now, there are fan petitions and cries for more on social media. Never say never in the current media landscape, but things aren't looking so good for a Netflix return. However, Ortega and the rest of the creative team aren't throwing in the towel just yet. Whatever avenue comes along, they will explore it. But, at the moment the road ahead looks a little unclear. Read his thoughts about the situation down below.

"At this particular time, no," Ortega explained. "I'm grateful to Netflix for greenlighting the project and for letting Dan, Dave, and I have this time. I feel it's some of the best work I've done for kids and family, and young adult entertainment. I'm proud of it. And if it never happens again and it doesn't have an afterlife, I'm grateful that it exists. I hope it exists forever so others can find it and watch it over the years."

"But you know, anything is possible. I don't want to jinx it. If Netflix wants to carry on with it anytime in the future, perhaps someone else will be interested in it," he continued. "Perhaps we could tour the kids as a music group or maybe a film. But for now, there are no plans."

"I wish that I could tell the fans that all of [their efforts] will get them Julie back," the producer added. "All I can really say is how much all of this has mattered to all of us who made the show and that we love them and are so grateful for the passion they've shown to the project. When it becomes clear to Dan, Dave, and I this experience with Julie is not going to move forward, I'll tell you everything we had planned."

"It's just wonderful to have been given the opportunity to, not only do a musical drive story about a Latino family, but I was able to select a young girl out of a high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania who had never been in front of a professional camera or a recording studio before," Ortega concluded. "And boy, did she bring this show to life."

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