Netflix Is Launching A Magazine

Netflix has expanded its original content output considerably over the past year, and now it's heading into the world of magazines, though not in the way you might expect. Netflix will soon be publishing a new journal (currently going by the name "Wide") that seeks to promote its content ahead of the Emmys (via Bloomberg). The first issue will come in at over 100 pages and will feature interviews, features, photo shoots, essays, and more involving the teams behind Netflix's programming in an attempt to help get the word out about its original content.

To put that content into perspective, Netflix released around 700 programs last year, which featured a mix of movies, TV, documentaries, standup, animated movies and shows, and more. Because there's so much content it can be easy to have big projects quickly overshadowed by the next new film or series released the next weekend, and this is part of an overall effort to highlight the original content Netflix puts out and make sure it doesn't get pushed out of the spotlight.

"In preparation for a groundbreaking year in film and television, Netflix has gathered some of the most talented and sought after writers and photographers, thinkers and creatives, to make the inaugural issue of Wide, the Netflix print journal," Netflix said in an email.

Wide is being targeted for a release in June, which would also be the time of year where the television academy vote on their Emmy nominations. This is one of several campaigns Netflix is pushing to change the image of Netflix from simply streaming service provider to Hollywood heavyweight, and that's also why Netflix has made several hires like publicist Lisa Taback and editor Krista Smith, who will assist with the new magazine.

The transformation of Netflix has occurred rather quickly, and they've made several steps over the past few years to move further in that direction. Their focus on original content was originally looked at as risky, but the studio has been able to churn out new shows that continue to captivate viewers even as their former heavy hitters like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black wind down. They've also purchased the rights to several movies, and while their record is hit and miss on those, they've certainly generated big numbers in views.

Is this a smart play for Netflix? Let us know in the comments!



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