Netflix Reveals First Look at Toys That Made Us Season 3

Netflix's The Toys That Made Us' new season is rapidly approaching and fans are getting hyped for another dose of nostalgia. A new look at Season 3 went live on the show's Instagram page to give people an idea of what's going down for the new season. Some classic toys like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, Wrestling figures from WCW and Power Rangers changing figures were heavily featured in the video. It looks like there will be some fan-favorites making an appearance this season. People in the comments are psyched about the few series that made it into the promo, and it seems like there are some other surprises on the way. Previous seasons hit some of the heaviest favorites in all of fandom including Star Trek, Star Wars, Transformers, Barbie, He-Man, G.I. Joe, Hello Kitty and LEGO. This season looks primed to give you all that sweet sweet nostalgia once again in November.

It seems like the announcement of this new season happened an eternity ago, but now the time is almost at hand. Brian Volk-Weiss is the man behind the series and he announced that the premiere would be dropping on November 15th earlier this Fall. He had a post on Twitter abut the return date and a message from Walter Jones from Power Rangers. (Also known as the master of Hip Hop Kido.)

The Toys That Made Us is a documentary series known for shedding light on the history of a couple of the most important toy lines in America. 2017 brought the series debut and started the journey of covering all of these franchises in entertaining fashion. Four episodes each season have endeavored o explain the backstories behind these formative pieces of entertainment for countless kids. Volk-Weiss talked about one big change coming in Season 3. Fan reactions to the first offerings are a huge reason why changes are coming.

"There's a huge format change," Volk-Weiss explained. "We stopped doing the reenactments. The main reason was that no one seemed to care about them. For every 1,000 DMs or Facebook messages we would get, two would be about the reenactments. So we were putting a significant amount of our budget into the reenactments, which nobody cared about. Again, I've been doing a lot of personal appearances now, meeting with fans and talking to people. And I asked, I started doing my own internal poll. I said to people like, 'What do you love about the show?' Nobody said the reenactments."

He continued talking about how the show's budget was factoring into the decision to get rid of the reenactments. But, it seems as though runtime was a factor as well.

"By the way, of the reenactments, if people talked about it at all, the only one people talked about was Star Wars. So, I was like, 'Why are we spending a significant percentage of our budget on something nobody cares about?'" Volk-Weiss added.

"The other issue, and this was more important than budget, is that Netflix really wants us to be under 50 minutes. Every now and then we go over 50. So, let's just say it's 50 minutes, we're putting 10 percent of our time into a reenactment. Star Trek is 43 minutes, that reenactment is like four minutes. So, the main reason I did what I did was to have more time to tell the story. The budget was probably 30 percent of the reason, 70 percent of it was to have more time."


Two seasons of The Toys That Made Us are currently available to stream on Netflix. Season 3 debuts November 15, 2019.